Images from various Magazines and the  1982 Kawasaki Sales Brochure
Big News 5/10/2009

The Registry has a new home.  Many have visited this site in the past to add their
Eddie Lawson Replicas to the original internet ELR Registry created by Jason Van
Slyke.  Jasons site disappeared in 2004 and in 2005 I resurrected Jasons ELR
Registry and maintained it here until recently. Thanks to everyone for sending
pictures and adding to the Registry.  I'd like to see you over at the new home
For the story click here.  

Welcome to my Eddie Lawson Replica Website.   I'm a proud original owner of a
1982 replica.  I've owned several motorcycles throughout my life but this one was
my "keeper".  This site is dedicated to the Kawasaki 1000R.  This year is the 27th
anniversary of the Replica series.  Send some
pictures or videos of your machine
and I'll post em here.

Already this summer I've been riding around San Diego County enjoying the ride.
recently rode through Coronado, CA and was able to glimpse some of the Red
Bull Air Races over San Diego Bay.  Last week I also completed another
Motorcycle Safety Foundation, Experienced Rider Course (MSF/ERC)
required to get my MC on Military bases.

Jack (It's Team Green) Zabawa