Sample from Butt Breath Video
As Seen on TV.  Now on the Web 56K / 256K [PICK n CLICK]
Butt Breath is the brainchild of Encinitas high school teens and the Foundation for Tobacco Free
Youth. You can see original scanned black and white art on website. What started as
an idea to deglamorize smoking has gone from black and white cartoon sketches, to now..."Colorized
Wiggle frame animation!" on the web, and television here in San Diego County.
These are RealVideo clips of the work in progress, with the final output to tape for television
viewing.  The text may be hard to read and the pictures aren't as smooth as television but it's still
cool.  Hey the message is "You Smoke, You Stink".
Jack Zabawa
If you have a RealVideo capable system 56kps modem (minimum) checkem out.  For support and
help to quit smoking be sure to visit the Butt Breath web site,  Special
thanks to all who helped create these cartoons and videos.
"It's a highly technical thing, with an artsy sorta touch."